Santa Fe, New Mexico

Integrative Healing For Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Do fear and anxiety stop you from listening to the whisperings of your heart and soul?

Do you feel far away from the dreams you once had for yourself?

Do you secretly long for more depth and intimacy in your relationships?

Despite the inner work you've done, do you still find yourself responding more from the past than the present?

Deep inside you know you're capable of more. You want what is missing. You are ready for change.

Using my unique blend of psychotherapy, bodywork, energy work, and mindfulness meditation, we can get your life back on purpose. Creating a container of safety and trust, we will gently dissolve and move through the obstacles that are holding you back from a truly fulfilling life. Through this integrative healing work you will:

*Experience more relaxation and ease.
*Develop a sense of security and safety.
*Heal trauma and wounds from the past.
*Feel more alive and present in your life.
*Listen to and follow your own inner wisdom.
*Improve and deepen relationships.
*Reconnect with your life purpose.
*Have the courage to live your dreams.

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Diana Lightmoon, LPCC, LMT

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